Jesus Correctly Interprets Scripture and Human Hearts

Mar 12, 2023 | Devotional Meditations, Pastor's Blog

Luke 6:1-11; Matthew 12:1-13; Mark 2:23-3:5
Suggested further reading: Matthew 23:15-24

Jesus must free Scripture from wrong interpretations and man-made traditions because, over time, people add to or take from Scripture, with too loose or overly strict interpretations to suit the age in which they live and to please human pride.

Our Lord allows all works of necessity and mercy to be done on the Sabbath day as the Scriptures teach abundantly. Our Lord justifies His disciples for plucking ears of corn on a Sabbath, as permitted in Scripture (Deuteronomy 23:25) because they were hungry.

The arguments our Lord used to support the lawfulness of any work of necessity and mercy on the Sabbath are striking and unanswerable. He reminds the Pharisees, who charged Him and His disciples with breaking the law, (i) of the actions of David, (ii) of priests in the Temple, and (iii) of their own care for animals. Above all, He lays down the great principle that no ordinance of God is to be pressed so far as to make us neglect the plain duties of love. The first four commandments of the Law must not be interpreted in such a way as to violate the last six commandments. The fourth commandment is not to be so explained as to make us act unmercifully to our neighbors.

Our Lord again shows His perfect knowledge of how people think. Only God can see into the deepest recesses of the human heart. He could discern the secret intentions and thoughts of others better than anyone. Here is yet another hint at the full Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ who was both human and God. Our Lord’s perfect knowledge should always exercise a humbling influence upon our souls, especially so when we acknowledge that Jesus Christ is always reading our hearts.

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