No Pains, No Gains

Feb 12, 2023 | Devotional Meditations, Pastor's Blog

Mark 2:1-12
Suggested further reading: Philippians 2:7-11

Sadly, and all too commonly, some people have great spiritual privileges that they do not appreciate. No place had a greater privilege than Capernaum. It was there that Jesus made His home, where He did many of His miracles and preached many of His sermons. The city did respond with a superficial amazement but nothing He did or said effected a change of heart in its inhabitants. For this reason, Jesus condemned them severely.

We sometimes assume that all that is needed to convert people to faith in Christ is a powerful presentation of the Gospel and forget the amazing power of unbelief and the depth of man’s hostility towards God. Those in Capernaum heard the most powerful sermons and saw the most powerful miracles ever and yet remained dead in their sins, untouched in mind or will.

Some people will go to great pains about something about which they feel deeply! No obstacle stopped the friends of the sick man to bring him to Jesus because for them temporal health is all important.

Here is a lesson for us. Is our desire for spiritual maturity strong enough to overcome any obstacle in our path? The size of our commitment is revealed by the size of the object it takes to stop us! People who are in spiritual earnest about salvation and spiritual maturity make time for Bible-reading, prayer, and hearing the Gospel. We must hunger and thirst for these things if we seek to avoid the judgment that came on the unbelievers in Capernaum.

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