Our Goals

We seek to be a Christian fellowship that is committed to doing God’s will, in God’s way, with God’s power, for God’s glory in all things at all times.

We seek to preach a message of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone whose Death and Resurrection is the reason for our restored relationship with God.

We seek to give an accurate and clear exposition of all of God’s inerrant and authoritative Word with sound doctrinal teaching and application to life.

We seek to exhibit a loving obedience to Christ’s Lordship.

We seek to be sustained and empowered by the Holy Spirit and not by the power of merely natural abilities.

We seek to express love by acts of grace and mercy in mutual support as a covenanted fellowship of believers.

We seek to express our in devotion worship, discipleship, a faithful observance of the ordinances and holy living that honors God and blesses others.

We seek to make disciples of those yet outside this fellowship by sharing he Gospel and acting toward them with grace and mercy.

We seek to be motivated by the loving, sacrificial, penal, and substitutionary death of Jesus and by the joyful hope of being with Christ personally when He returns.

We seek to be lead by spiritually mature men who earn trust by modeling the spiritual maturity outlined in the Bible, by exercising their Spirit-giftedness with humility and diligence and who seek to influence others towards spiritually healthy character and conduct.

We seek a Godly wisdom that helps us to choose the essential instead of the incidental, tradition over traditionalism, unity instead of uniformity, function over form, and can adapt to the culture we seek to penetrate without compromising Biblical truth.

The Bible Church of the Lakes