Our Values


We enter into relationship with God by accepting and acknowledging who Jesus is, which sheds light on who we are. We are sinners. Jesus is the Savior. We are creatures. Jesus is the creator. We are lost. Jesus is the finder and leader. As a result, we move from a self-centered life, to a Christ-centered life.

Led by God’s Word

God uses His Word to transform lives through the work of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we live under its authority and counsel.

In Authentic Relationships

Christians love one another. We serve one another. We are at peace with one another. We honor one another. We bear one another’s burdens. We forgive one another.

Prayer Dependent

Jesus calls those who seek the kingdom of God to pursue God in prayer. Prayer is the means for intimacy with God and the vehicle for direction and provision from God.

Living Generously

We believe that following Jesus compels people to give generously of themselves – time, energy, and resources – for the sake of the kingdom of God.


Those who follow Jesus should be actively involved in helping others know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Since we ourselves have experienced God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus, we seek to take that message outside the walls of our church to those who need Him.


The call of a Christ-follower culminates in multiplying who we are in Christ. Therefore, the aim of being a Christ-follower is to help others grow into “lifelong learners and followers of Christ”; then, enable others to do the same.

The Bible Church of the Lakes