Pastor Lanny Tanton

Our Pastor is Lanny Tanton, who is a graduate of Wayne State University and Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M, Ph.D [cand]). He has pastored several churches in Texas as well as in Arkansas and Michigan over a forty year period. He has written various articles that have been published in theological journals and were well received by Biblical scholars on Greek grammar (he has taken 8 years of Greek, both Classical and Biblical). He has not only taught various books of the Bible but has also taught classes and spoken at conferences on Church History, Bible Study Methods as well as on leadership and decision-making. He delights to be a theological middle-man using his knowledge of Greek and Hebrew to teach the Bible more accurately and clearly with a practical application to the average person.

Between college and seminary, Lanny worked as a purchasing manager for an English automotive company in England where weekend visits to the British Museum’s Biblical manuscript division led him to leave secular employment and seek to serve in the ministry.

His hobbies include listening to classical music, reading history, college football and cutting a one acre lawn with a push mower. He has spoken twice at the prestigious Austin Civil War Round Table on the subject of religion and the Civil War.

Lanny is married to Ruth Ann, his beloved wife of 39 years. Together, they have two wonderful grown sons and two amazing grandchildren.

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