The Divine Standard

Apr 2, 2023 | Devotional Meditations, Pastor's Blog

Matthew 5:1-12
Suggested further reading: Psalm 51

What kind of people should Christians be? What kind of character should they seek? What should be their outward walk and inward habit of mind? Jesus tells us in His famous “Sermon on the Mount.”

Jesus states there is a blessing on those who are poor in spirit, i.e., the humble, those who do not think too highly of themselves, those who think they are self-sufficient. Humility is the very first letter in the Christian alphabet and it is only possible for those who continually seek the presence of God.

Then He pronounces a blessing on those who mourn, who sorrow over their sins and grieve over them more than over any normal sorrow that life brings to them. Their sins are their greatest shame and pain. This sorrow for sin increases their humility and deepens their sense of dependence upon God’s grace for victory. These people offer the only imperfect sacrifice that God accepts, a “broken and contrite spirit.” One day they shall weep no more for God Himself will comfort them and wipe away all tears from their eyes.

Jesus speaks a blessing on those who are meek, those who have a patient and contented spirit, who are willing to put up with little re-cognition for their good deeds and bear injuries without resentment. They are content to wait for God to straighten all things out and to receive His praise. One day they shall reign on the earth.

Jesus says those are blessed who hunger and thirst for righteousness, those who desire above all things to be entirely conformed to the mind of God in thought and act. They desire personal holiness above all things —more than wealth, health, learning, or happiness. One day, and may it be soon, they shall receive what they desire.

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