The World Hates Christ

Mar 19, 2023 | Devotional Meditations, Pastor's Blog

Matthew 12:14-21; Mark 3:7-12
Suggested further reading: John 7:1-9

The utter wickedness still living in every human heart is seen here in the Pharisees. When corrected by our Lord, they became even more resolute in their opposition to Him, and sunk deeper into sin. Why? He did no evil. He went about doing nothing but good. He healed people. He fed people. He spoke only that which was consistent with both Scripture and reason. So what evil had our Lord done or said that He should be so threatened? He had done nothing wrong. But all that did not matter. He was hated.

Here we see clearly the evil that is still in human nature. The unconverted heart hates God and will show its hatred whenever it is presented with the opportunity to safely express it. Further, human nature not only hates Christ, but it also hates all who desire to follow Christ as their Lord. How else can you explain why many of the prophets were killed and believers were made martyrs for their faith? Why is the persecution of Christians at an all-time high in this century and more persecution may be expected in the future? Because human nature naturally hates godly men and women because it hates God.

We must not be surprised when we receive the same treatment that our Lord received. Even the godliest behavior will not protect us from the world’s hatred. Notice, it is not the believer’s imperfections that cause such hatred as much as his faithfulness to Christ. We must remember that there was once a perfect human on this earth, and He was hated and crucified. Therefore, remembering this, let us be patient and resolute in our discipleship, knowing that since the world hated Christ, the world will hate all those who faithfully follow Him.

The Bible Church of the Lakes