The key to success is often perseverance. It is profoundly true that the size of your commitment to anything is revealed by the size of the object it takes to stop you. That is certainly true of your reading of the Bible. Here are some words of encouragement from the late Wilbur M. Smith, a most devoted student of the Word of God.

“Do not expect perfection in this great matter of the . . . study of the Word of God. It is here that Satan will give you your hardest battle. . . Probably every Christian has known the experience of resolutely determining never to let a day go by without the careful, prayerful reading of the Word of God, only to know, after two or three weeks, of a day when, either through late rising, or an unexpected early morning call, or a crowded day, or through spiritual indifference, the Word was not read. Do not let anything defeat you in this most important part of your Christian life. It is the secret of everything! Defeat here is defeat all along the line! Even if you do lose a day, start again the next day. Even if something should come up and you should lose a whole week, of if your Bible should remain closed for a month, begin anew now, begin at once, determine the cause of our carelessness in this matter, the reason for ceasing such devotional study, and then ask God to deliver you from this temptation in the days to come. By all means, do not let Satan ever persuade you that this is a hopeless undertaking for you. Even if you have started and failed a dozen times, you can begin again now, with a greater longing than ever, with victory in that in which you formerly knew defeat.”

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