You cannot convince a person that you care if you give them the impression that you are in a hurry. That is also in your Bible study. Irving L. Jenson, in his book Enjoy Your Bible writes:

“Patience in any phase of life is priceless. The great naturalist Fabre always referred to his two best instruments as ‘time’ and ‘patience’. Patience on the part of young Clyde Tombaugh is what led him finally to discover the planet Pluto. After astronomers calculated a probable orbit for this ‘suspected’ heavenly body which they had never seen, Tombaugh took up the search in March, 1929. Time magazine records the investigation: ‘He examined scores of telescopic photographs, each showing tens of thousands of star images, in pairs under the blink comparator, or dual microscope. It often took three days to scan a single pair. It was exhausting, eye-cracking work—in his own words, “brutal tediousness”. And it went on for months. Star by star, he examined 20 million images. Then on February 18, 1930, as he was blinking a pair of photographs in the constellation Gemini, “I suddenly came upon the image of Pluto!’ It was the most dramatic astronomic discovery in nearly 100 years, and it was made possible by the patience of an American.’

Jensen concludes, “The New Testament makes many references to the gem of Christian patience. Patience is surely a requirement in the meditative process of reading God’s Word. In fact the phrase ‘wait on the Lord’ can be applied to meditation. Reflection requires time and concentration, and the good Bible student will give both. For his patience he will be rewarded, as was the astronomer Tombaugh, with the pleasure and excitement of discovering stars of divine truth which he had never seen before.

“The call to reflection in Bible reading is expressed in Samuel’s plain words to Saul, ‘Stand thou still a while, that I may show thee the word of God.”

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