John Murray, a great theologian of the last century, has written some wise words for all students of the Bible.

“I take it for granted that we all read the Bible with regularity. What I am going to plead for . . . is concentrated, sustained, devoted study of the Bible . . . by which our hearts and minds may become soaked with the truth of the Bible and by which the deepest springs of thought, feeling and action may be stirred and directed . . . .

“The Word of God is a great deep; the commandment is exceeding broad; and so we cannot be merely occasional, hurried and perfunctory use of it understand its meaning and power.

“Sustained and diligent study of the Bible is indispensable for several reasons. . .

“1. The Bible is God’s Word, the revealed counsel of God. . . . If we truly appreciate the mystery of God’s grace and wisdom, we shall study the Bible as one who has found great spoil. The very nature and content of the Bible as God’s Word will compel our most earnest application to it.

“2. We must study the Bible will all diligence and persistence if we are really to know and understand the truth. . . But no Christian should be satisfied with the bare minimum of knowledge necessary for salvation.

“3. Painstaking study of the Bible is indispensable to our own thought and practice. Life is very complex and we are constantly beset with baffling questions. . . We need to know anew what is the right thing to think and what is the right thing to do. . . . . Indolence is one of our greatest temptations. We are in constant danger of becoming static in our thinking.”

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