The great 19th century evangelist, Dwight L. Moody reminds us why we must be students of the Word of God.

“I never saw a useful Christian who was not a student of the Bible. If a man neglected his Bible, he may pray and ask God to use him in His work, but God cannot make use of him, for there is not much for the Holy Ghost to work upon. We cannot overcome Satan with our feelings. The reason why some people have such bitter experience is that they try to overcome the devil by their feelings and experiences. Christ overcame Satan by the Word.”

Howard Hendricks, professor at Dallas Theological Seminary added this:

“I once attended a lecture by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. In his remarks he talked about the explosive nature of events in the global arena. Everything operates in crisis, he said, which of course poses a severe challenge to leaders. How do they keep up? He explained that things happen so quickly, you don’t have time to think, you only have time to react. Therefore, you have to operate on whatever reservoirs of knowledge and experience you bring to the job. You don’t have the luxury of intensive, unhindered study.

“I think there’s a lesson in that for living the Christian life. Certainly we must take the time to study God’s Word intensively. But often we face situations that don’t afford us the luxury of reflection, only reaction. . . . Sure, given enough time, we could probably come up with an elegant, refined response. But life frequently denies us time. So the question is, what familiarity with the Word, what biblical data base, do we bring to the situation? We don’t have time for an intensive study. So what are we going to us in the moment?

“If we stock up on principles from Scripture, we’ll have a powerful set of resources to deal with the situations.”

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